12 Best Things to Do in the Faroe Islands

Are you up for a breathtaking adventure on your next trip? However, it seems that you have almost explored all the beautiful places around the world. So where else can you head out next time?

If you haven’t seen amazing cliffs and thousands of seabirds on an island, then Faroe Islands is your next destination.

The Faroe Islands are situated in the North Atlantic Ocean and it is a part of the Kingdom of Denmark. It’s a self-governing archipelago where hikers and bird watchers often visit.

The islands look like a place out of a postcard. You can’t believe that it existed until you see it’s steep coastal cliffs, mountains, valleys, and grassy heath.

1. Check out the Island of Mykines

When you arrive, the best place to start is the island of Mykines. This is the most watery island around the archipelago and the breeding ground for seabirds. You will enjoy bird-watching since you can see thousands of them around. You can also find the cute Puffins on the western-most part where the Puffin burrows and seabirds nests are located.

2. Eat Delicious Food from KOKS Restaurant

Food is a big part of traveling. So if you get hungry and want to experience the best dining ever, KOKS is the place to go. They offer an 18-course meal paired with a wide variety of wines. Expect to have an incredible meal since they serve traditional food with a modern twist. You can feast on their delicious seafood along with other delicacies like whale blubber, fermented lamb and fish.

3. Visit Lake of Sorvagstan, Sudoroy

It’s located on the island of Vagar, Sorvagstan which is the largest island in Faroe Island. This lake is famous for its optical illusion. The lake looks like it’s hanging over the sea. You can hike from Midvagur that takes around an hour’s walk before reaching the main viewpoint. Since the weather here is unpredictable, make sure to bring along warm clothes or raincoat.

4. Go to the Famous Mulafossur Waterfall

You have to see it to believe it. The Mulafossur Waterfall is located in the south of Gasadalur Village. It falls straight to the Atlantic Ocean making this majestic waterfall picture perfect. The Gasadalur Village is surrounded by grass fields and towering mountains. It’s a perfect background for the Mulafossur Waterfall. If you get captured by the scenic view and want to spend more time here, you can spend the night with the available guest-houses around the area.

5. Hike from Kalsoy to Kallurin Lighthouse

Kalsoy is a thin island where the famous Kallurin Lighthouse is located. It’s dramatically positioned as if it’s on the edge of the Earth. You can get to see a better view of the lighthouse. You can see the sheer cliffs surrounding you and it’s a picture-perfect view to take your selfie. That’s for sure the perfect profile pic for your social media accounts. Just be careful since the wind is so strong you might lose your balance while taking a picture.

6. Relax in Nolsoy

If you happen to visit on a foggy day, the best thing to do is to just have a relaxing day in Nolsoy instead. You can go to the wooden cabin which is called the Nolsoy Visitor Center. Enjoy their homemade food and you can also use the sauna which is free to use if you’re a visitor. When the fog clears up, then you can continue hiking to the Nolsoy lighthouse which is a 5-hour walk.

7. Take Pictures in Gjogv

It’s a beautiful small town in Faroe Island where you can see colored timber walled cottages. You can also see a creek flowing through the middle of the town! Now that’s a different scene to enjoy. Gjogv is famous for its 200m gorge which is the best natural harbors on the island. You can also check out the town’s church which is from 1929.

8. Experience Olavsoka Festival

If you plan to visit Faroe Island, the best time to go is around July. Then you can experience St Olav’s Day which is to commemorate the Norwegian King Olav the Holy. Every year, the locals are all dressed in their colorful national Faroese costume. It’s a week-long festivities which concludes on Sunday midnight where they gathered to sing traditional Faroese ballads and participate with the traditional Faroese chain dance. You will surely enjoy watching the locals how they celebrate this special day.

9. Go Kayaking in the North Atlantic

Don’t miss the kayaking expedition with the North Atlantic Xperience. You will surely have fun exploring from Hoyvik to Torshavn harbor.

10. Walk Around Tinganes

Tinganes is an old town of Torshavn. It’s located on the southeast coast of Streymoy. It’s a small town with only 15,000 people. This historical old town has been around since the 1400s. You can stroll around and see grass roofs houses that are made of timber and stone buildings. It’s a totally new site to see compared to modern houses today.

11. Visit the Isolated Town of Saksun

Home to only 14 inhabitants, this dramatic town has isolated a Fjord located in an imposing natural amphitheater. Saksun is an impressive location in Faroe Island. The Fjord is where you can see the last tidal lagoon where you can walk when the tide is low.

12. Don’t Forget the Fossa Waterfall

It’s the highest waterfall in Faroe Island located on the island of Streymoy. If you are visiting the north part of the island, it’s the perfect stop point. There’s a short path if you want to follow the base of the falls. However, it’s impossible to reach especially when it’s raging.

Final Thought

Faroe Island is the best destination on your next trip. With so many things that you can do and visit, you will definitely have a great time on your trip. It’s one of a kind archipelago with a different theme compared to the usual tourist destinations around the world. So if you are up into a different adventure, then visit these islands next time.