How to get to Faroe Islands?

Traveling to the Faroe Islands is becoming more convenient by the day. More and more routes to Europe are coming up, and the primary direct route to the United States has recently opened.

Let’s have a look at how to get to the Faroe Islands:

By Air

The days of the Faroe Islands being closed off are long gone. There are two airlines that fly to the Faroe Islands.

These are the Faroe Islands’ national airline, Atlantic Airways, and Scandinavian Airlines.

Atlantic Airways provides nonstop flights from various locations such as Denmark, Scotland, Iceland, and Norway, with flights averaging no more than two hours.

The principal route departs from Copenhagen, where there are two flights every day all year.
Flight operations, on the other hand, vary depending on the season.

Furthermore, Atlantic Airways operates sporadic direct flights from other locations, including Barcelona and Mallorca.

At the moment, you can fly directly to Vagar Airport from Edinburgh, Reykjavik, or Copenhagen on Atlantic Airways. You can also take an SAS flight from Copenhagen to Vagar Airport.

SAS conducts flights to the Faroe Islands from Copenhagen, Denmark. Except for Tuesdays and Wednesdays, flights are available every day of the week.

Taking a ferry from Denmark or Iceland

To reach the Faroe Islands from European mainland, board a ferry from Hirtshals, Denmark.

It is an excellent alternative for those who are afraid of flying or who want to try something new.

You can also bring your own vehicle here, making it a viable option for those who do not wish to rent a vehicle in the Faroe Islands.

During the summer, there are two options per week, while during the winter, there is just one option a week.

This trip will take approximately 37 hours to accomplish.

After your visit inthe Faroe Islands, you could continue on to Iceland on the same ship.

Smyril Line‘s ship, M/S Norröna, sails to the Faroe Islands from Hirtshals in the north of Denmark and Seyisfjørur in Iceland.
Begin your journey on board the M/S Norröna and travel in luxury; bring your vehicle and have fun.