Mykines: Everything You Need To Know

Mykines Puffins

Planning to visit the beautiful Faroe Islands means expecting stunning landscapes and breathtaking natural sights. It might seem strange but this tiny and isolated island has a lot to offer to its tourists. Sometimes organizing your trip might get complicated, especially when you have to decide what to visit and arrange your tour. Information is not always easy to find, which is why we want to help you make the most out of your trip. Among the many landmarks you should not miss during your trip to the Faroe Islands, Mykines is an island you should include in your itinerary. However, getting there and organizing your visit takes a bit of effort. To make things easier for you, we created an essential guide on visiting Mykines, so that you will organize your trip at best.

What To Expect

If you wish to see some rich birdlife and natural sights that are so beautiful that it doesn’t even seem real, Mykines is the right destination for you. The unspoiled surrounding, the isolation of the island, as well as the opportunity to see cute puffins and much more wildlife make Mykines an attractive destination for travelers.

One of the most popular things to do once there is the Mykines lighthouse hike trail. Along the way, you’ll see some puffins and you’ll get some of the most stunning views of the beautiful island. The hike takes about 2.5-3.5 hours and is relatively easy, just be careful as it might get slippery.

When To Go

Ferries sail to this island only during the period between the 1st of May and the 31st of August. It is also the season when you’ll get the best weather and you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of the island more. If you can, try to organize your visit in June, July or August as the sea around the island tends to be much calmer than in May.

Because the weather is so unpredictable, your trip might get canceled or you might be stuck on the island. Even if this rarely happens, it is always better to check the weather in advance.

How To Get There

Everything about Mykines will be unforgettable. Starting from the memorable journey by sea (or by air) to reach it. Getting to the island is not particularly easy and there are only two ways available for tourists who are willing to visit this beautiful but remote island.

The most popular way to reach the islands is by taking one of the daily ferries from Sorgavus, leaving at 10:20 and 16:20. It will take you approximately an hour’s drive to get from the capital city Torshavn to the ferry. The price of the ferry will cost you around 60 DKK one way. The journey takes approximately 45-60 minutes, depending on the conditions of the sea and the weather. Getting there by boat means also having the opportunity to enjoy some spectacular views of the islands and the surrounding panorama, make sure you have your cameras ready! You must try to book your tickets in advance, as it might be hard to find a spot during the high season.

The alternative way to get to Mykines is by helicopter. If you are worried that it will cost too much you’ll be surprised to learn that a one-way ticket will cost you around 145 DKK, which is quite affordable, considering you’ll be able to have a great memory of your trip! The ride is approximately 20-3o minutes and the helicopter only flies a few days per week, but it flies all year round, making it possible for you to visit the island even when there are no boats! Anyways, make sure you check the flight schedule and the weather conditions before getting your hopes high. The helicopter can only accommodate 10 people and seats tend to sell quite quickly.

As you can see, Mykines is a beautiful and tiny island that has a lot to give to its visitors. If you want, you can even decide to spend a night or two at one of the few accommodation options available on the island. For sure, your trip to this wonderful, stunning island will be something you’ll hardly forget!

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