Vagar: Your starting point when traveling by air


Vagar is one of 18 islands in the Faroe Islands. There are 6 villages in Vagar. The three larger villages are Miovagur, Sandavagur, and Sorvagur and the smaller three villages are Gasadular, Bour, and Vatnsoyrar. The population in 2018 was 3,271 people. You can find two are the country’s largest lakes in Vagar, Leitisvantn, and Fjallavatn.

The island is 176 square km (68 square ft), and the highest elevation is 722m (2,369 ft).


In the Faroe Islands, there is only one airport and it’s located in Vagar. Their airport was originally an airfield built by the British during WWII. After 20 years of sitting there, the Faroese turned it into an airport. Getting to the islands by sea was the most common way and the only way for a long time. Now you can only get there by air.

How to Get Around

Getting around the island is easy. You can rent a car but certain times of the year that can be difficult. You also have the option of taking a taxi. Vagar is one of the harder islands to travel around. You should look into getting a guide to drive around the island.

If you would like to visit the other islands, there are more travel options. To get from one island to another you can go by car, bus, or helicopter. There are many bridges and underwater tunnels throughout the Faroe Islands.


Traditional foods are lamb, fish, blubber, Faroese puffins, and vegetables. Potatoes are also a part of their diet, but they weren’t introduced until later. Whale meat used to be a big part of their diet but because of pollutants in our waters, scientists suggested cutting down on whale meat and blubber.

Their foods get their tastes from the way they are preserved. Brine, drying and maturing are common ways the Faroese preserve their foods.

You can go to a Heimablidni or home restaurant. Some locals will allow you to book a dinner within their homes. You can experience Faroese food and hang out with some of the locals. It’s a great way to feel what’s like to live there.

If you feel more comfortable going to a restaurant, you can check out Gasadalsgardur, Gasadalur. They also serve Faroese food and there’s a view of one of Vagar’s waterfalls.

There are also burger, pizza, and Chinese food restaurants if you would like to eat something you’re more familiar with.

Places to Stay

You will see more bed and breakfasts and single homes to rent rather than hotels.

The one hotel you can stay at is Hotel Vagar. It’s a 3-star hotel that’s a walking distance from the airport. Housekeeping, free WiFi, parking and a buffet-style breakfast are all included.

You can book a room with Bed and Breakfast Sandavagur. You will get your very own bedroom with a mini-fridge. The kitchen, living room and dining room are all shared with the other people that are staying there.

If you want to experience old traditions, you can stary at one of their Turf Houses. They have free WiFi and free parking. They are less than 5 miles away from the airport.

Things to Do

One of the main reasons to go to a foreign country is to sightsee and experience new things. Vagar is filled with beautiful animals, waterfalls and more. These are just a few of the many things you can do while visiting Vagar.

You can book a tour of the different waterfalls and cliffs. Some of the tours are hiking tours and others you are driven around. Do research when looking for a tour. Some of the tours don’t recommend children going. Also, make sure the tour is available in English if you don’t speak Danish.

Many of the tours will pick you up from where you are staying. Some of the tours will take you all over the Faroe Islands, and others are just small areas in Vagar.

If you want to see more than the waterfalls and clifs, you can take one of their Viking tours. You can see one of the oldest churches on the Faroe Islands. There are old settlements that have 17th generation families living there.

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